Everyday Hacks To Remain Sharp

Pranava Tandra
2 min readMay 24, 2022

Apps you can use every day for less than 10 minutes to stay sharp and focused.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Learning something new every day is great for mental and physical well-being. Here is a list of popular mobile apps that encourage you to accomplish something every day (within minutes). After all, an intelligent person is always curious.

  1. Learning a language: Duolingo, Mondly, Babbel

Start by picking up an unfamiliar language. These apps are free and learning a language for 5 minutes every day would only make you smarter.

2. Read everyday at least one article on: Medium, LinkedIn

Read at least one article about a new topic every day. Look out for those 7-minute posts on Medium, apparently, they’re the best in quality.

3. Push yourself to exercise: Cure.fit, Gymondo, 30-day Fitness Apps

There are many free apps that encourage you to work out for less than 20 minutes every day and help you get in shape. The best part is how these apps reinforce the idea of ‘maintaining everyday streak’.

4. Learn a new skill: LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera

Totally worth paying 9$ a course when you can learn a new skill.

New skills = New opportunities. Some of these platforms allow you to set a weekly target of 45 minutes or a daily target of 10 minutes.

5. Journal religiously: Evernote, Diaro, Daylio

It feels powerful to write about how your feelings, or write a narration that matters to you. You not only give form to your memories/ideas by writing about them but also in retrospect, it helps you rediscover moments that motivate you. 5 minutes every night dedicated to writing goes a long way.

6. Gather opinions, Engage in conversations: Reddit, Twitter, Quora

A lot of real-life stories and lessons from smart people help shape perspectives. The new-age babas are on Reddit. And, witty banter with a smart anon could be fun!

7. Improve your cognitive skills: Elevate, Peak

Use apps that provide gamified experiences in problem-solving instead of games that dumb you down. No offense to Candy Crush.

8. Inspire yourself: Pinterest, Instagram

Spending 10 minutes every day to inspire yourself is something you can do to help yourself grow. Also, creating maybe a Pinterest board filled with positive affirmations will help you get past gloomy days of impostorism.


There are tons of places we can learn from and not only resort to mindless scrolling on social apps. Set aside 30 minutes every day for your learning, It can go a long way.

This is not a paid promotion of these apps. I just am documenting what works for me and you can choose apps or mediums that suit you. Bottom line: Stay curious, stay healthy and never stop learning.



Pranava Tandra

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